14 mars 2022

Most beautiful Libraries

  Most beautiful Libraries of the worldMost beautiful Libraries of the worldhttp://radiosatellite.co
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13 mars 2022


  The Adam ProjectProduction on the film first began in 2012 with Tom Cruise attached to star. The film then fell into development hell until Netflix acquired the distribution rights. Filming commenced in November 2020 and wrapped in March 2021. The film was released on Netflix on March 10, 2022, and received generally positive reviews from critics.http://radiosatellite.co
12 mars 2022

Travel to China

  Travel to CHINATravel to China / viajar para a china /viajar a china / voyage en Chine / 去中国旅游http://radiosatellite.co
10 mars 2022

The war wagon

  the war wagon (western 1967 )Filming took place in Sierra de Órganos National Park in the town of Sombrerete, Mexico. Rancher Taw Jackson returns to his hometown to settle a score, after being released early from prison for good behavior.http://radiosatellite.co
06 mars 2022

I dream of Jeannie : Barbara Eden / Larry Hagman . Oldies. TV series

  I dream of JeannieSome short videos. just to enjoy and to laugh In the pilot episode, " The Lady in the Bottle", astronaut Captain Tony Nelson, United States Air Force, is on a space flight when his one-man capsule Stardust One comes down far from the planned recovery area, near a deserted island in the South Pacific.http://radiosatellite.co
26 février 2022

CAKES -Video-

      Korean cake(s) (video)Amaizing cakes in Korea ( video )http://radiosatellite.co

23 février 2022

Paris - Lyon en Frecciarossa

  Paris - Lyon en Frecciarossa - transportrail - Le webmagazine des idées ferroviairesLe voyageur de Paris à Lyon a, depuis le 18 décembre 2021, un choix de plus pour se déplacer en train. Il pouvait déjà prendre un TGV InOui ou un TGV Ouigo ou un TER Bourgogne - Franche-Comté (voir notre reportage) les deux premiers en 1h54 à 2h04, et le troisième en 5h20.http://transportrail.canalblog.com
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23 février 2022


  Milkshakes - the QuestLately Paddy and I have been on a quest to find the best milkshake in our area. It is a craving we can't describe - but in the depth of winter, we love to have ice cream - and right now, we are sampling milkshakes in lots of different places.http://radiosatellite.co
21 février 2022

Victor Borge: Videos to watch / A voir

  Victor Borge : Musician & Funny showmanSources : Youtube Photo : Crédits : The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Time Life Pictures This entry was posted in Actor, ARTS, International, Music / Musique, Oldies, Reportages /Reports, Video and tagged हंसी, ਹਾਸਾ, சிரிப்பு, ຫົວຫົວ, 笑声, dansk, daħk, gáire, gelach, gelak ketawa, hlátur, 웃음, γέλιο, juokas, kahkaha, Lachen, latter, laughter, naer, nauru, nevetés, смех, смях, ծիծաղ, râsete, rires, risada, risata, skratt, smijeh, tawa, tiếng cười, victor borge, śmiech,... [Lire la suite]