American Graffiti, un film culte. Un film des années 70 relatant la vie des teen agers dans une ville ( Modesto ) aux USA , les années 50-60


Article en langue anglaise (traductible évidemment)


American Graffiti, a great movie filmed the 70s and relating teen agers life ( let's say some of them ) the 50s-60s

We loved also music played in background all the time. 

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Set in Modesto, California in 1962, the film is a study of the cruising and rock and roll cultures popular among the post-World War II baby boom generation. The film is told in a series of vignettes, telling the story of a group of teenagers and their adventures over a single night.


American Graffiti cover

bo hopkins

bo hopkins2

charles martin smith

harisson ford2



harrison ford

mcKenzie Phillips

paul le mat

Richard Dreyfus young

richard dreyfus



Ron Howard 2

wolfman jack   



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