De nouveaux programmes encore et toujours sur radioSatellite:

Tous les soirs, un programme de 8 à 12 minutes proposé par RadioSatellite …Tous les soirs à 09h00 PM Heure de Paris

100 $ MBA : Programme de langue anglaise, à caractère économique conseillant et abordant en moins de 10 minutes des sujets divers.



100 $ MBA


New programs are planned as usual on



Soon, a program of around 8-12 minutes…Daily…Or more precisely : Every evening at 09h00 PM Paris Time

100 $ MBA is a show..a radio program ..A complete business education providing advices, tips, ideas for helping you in your choices and targets…

Questions as : ” What to focus on?”….”where to apply”?…. “Where do I have to start? ”  ” How to chose?”etc…

A daily program at 09h00PM Paris Time ( 03h00 PM NY Time )

Follow us and follow this program where ever you are: Europe, USA, Middle East, India, Russia, Asia, Australia, South America etc… 



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